What’s Your Mental Diet?

You are what you EAT

What we eat directly affects our physical health. similarly what consume mentally, directly has an impact on our mental health and character.

We usually think that we consume food for the body via the mouth, which is a very narrow way of looking at things. We are constantly consuming via all 5 senses – Eyes, Ears , Tongue, Nose , Touch.

So today, i’d like to reflect upon the fact that not only does it matter about what we eat but i also matters a lot about what we take in via all 5 senses.

Eyes -What are you watching all day long ? on your mobile screens, gadgets and also what are you looking in the world and what are you paying attention to. You’re being influenced by what you watch.

Ears – What are you listening to all day long ? Are you listening to inspirational, positive and good stuff or are you engaged in a lot of criticism, gossiping which neither does good to you or others?

Tongue – the more healthier our diet , the healthier our bodies. Please be mindful of what you eat because it direct has an effect on your body temple.

Nose – Do you surround yourself and take in soothing smells ? Is your office and home well ventilated ? Does it have good smells (essential oils help) ? Because our mood can be positively lifted by having beautiful soothing aroma in our environment. (Lavender oil is my personal favourite )

Touch – All the things that come in contact with our skin matters too. The quality and material of the clothes we wear, the skin products that we use and the people & family we surround ourselves with.

I hope this has inspired you to think holistically about what you are consuming. Coaching Challenge –

  1. Take 5 minutes for each senses and note down what are you consuming right now and what is it’s impact on your welbeing
  2. Ask yourself how can i improve in each area by 5% this week. Note down the answer and recalibrate.
  3. Repeat this exercise every fortnight and you will notice a significant difference in the overall quality of your life.

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