Ask who instead of how.

We all are on the lookout to solve problems and achieve goals in our life, on a daily basis. Some of the common questions we ask are :

How do i lose weight ?

How do i get more clients ?

How do i get more marks ?

How do i get a new job ?

How do i grow my business ?

How do i improve my relationship ?

How do i become more peaceful and emotionally stable?

Now the list of the How’s is endless and it goes on and on. One fun way of seeking the answers to our questions is to ask WHO instead of HOW.

Why ? In my experience we learn best by people who have already achieved the results we seek. So go and ask WHO instead of HOW.

Who do i know has lost weight ?

Who do i know consistently gets clients ?

Who do i know got a new job recently ?

Who do i know that can help me grow my business ?

Who do i know has a great relationship and can help me ?

Who is the most peaceful and emotionally stable person i know ?

First ask WHO and then go to them and ask the HOW. Your learning curve will be shortened and you’ll end up saving a lot of time.

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