Launching my first Podcast !

I’ve been thinking of launching my own self help podcast since October 2018 and finally i’ve enrolled myself in a group podcast coaching program (yes, coaches need coaches too for accountability ,and it’s absolutely okay to seek help) .

So by 5 pm , 12th May 2019 i would’ve launched my podcast. I’m brainstorming a few names at the moment . The podcast is going to be about self development where in i’ll be interviewing the best of the best of the world – coaches, entrepreneurs, experts, high achievers, great thinkers to hack their mindset so that we can learn through their journey and experiences. I will also be sharing my two cents on various topics that i am learning, exploring and experimenting ,basically a gist of my journey as a fellow learner on the journey of life.

I’m really excited about my podcast & its launch since this is going to be an epic journey and i’ll be connecting with truly world class people, developing amazing relationships and expanding my friend circle across the globe.

As a Peak Potential Coach, my life purpose is to help people & organisations maximise their potential , live their HIGHEST vision & become the BEST version of themselves. And this podcast is going to be a major media platform via which i will be able to reach out millions of people all over the globe. Looking forward to amazing & exciting times .

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